Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Respite

A much overdo post! Sorry's been a while. Lots has been going on in our recap...

Nick was involved in a serious accident where an idiot meathead football player thought it was a good idea to jump him. If you want some details of the story (with some inaccuracies, click here. Nick is marking marked improvement each was really scary for a while, but he is almost back to his normal self from a conversational standpoint. There are still some lingering headaches, but those, hopefully, will subside within the next month.

My sisters are coming in town from Vancouver and Baltimore/Charlottesville, respectively. Jill, Bruce, Luke and Noah actually came in late on WED night...we hung out with them at my parents house last night. Shelly, Steve, Christie, Alex, Elise and Nate are in the process of moving from Baltimore to Charlottesville as we speak. They are coming into town either tomorrow night or Sunday to spend some time with us at Christmas; this will be the first time they have been in for Christmas in 10 years! It should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to all of the kiddos in the house...

We are leaving for Chicago tonight. Unfortunately, that means we will be missing the Bulldog Holiday Meetup at one of my favorite gems of the STL, Black Thorn's Pub. All of our Chicago friends should go there sometime for a pizza fix. We are looking forward to a fun weekend...Steph, Pat, Maxy and I are making the trip up to see Scotty and Sarah. We are going to the Bulls' game tomorrow promises on any repeat Boggle performances.

Hope everyone has a blessed and merry Christmas.

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