Sunday, January 17, 2010

NFL Playoff Challenge - Standings thru Divisional Round

1. Matt 145.68 (4 - Addai, Clark, Hartley, NYJ)
2. Bruce 144.64 (4 - Brees, Rice, Shiancoe, MINN)
3. Aaron 123.38 (1 - Colston)
4. Brian 99.48 (4 - Manning, Thomas, Wayne, NO)
5. Rufus 93.66 (5 - Favre, Peterson, Harvin, Longwell, IND)
6. Pat 68.04 (2 - Jones, Stover)

I will be e-mailing the spreadsheet shortly - please check my math and let me know if I have done anything in error.

Enjoy your MLK Day.

NFL Playoff Challenge - Standings thru Saturday of Divisional Round

1. Matt 111.38
2. Aaron 106.08
3. Brian 82.54
4. Bruce 78.54
5. Pat 49.34
6. Rufus 28.00

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NFL Playoff Challenge - After the Wild Card Round

The number in parantheses behind each person is the number of players left for that team.

1. Aaron - 77.58 (4)
2. Matt - 76.08 (7)
3. Bruce - 56.96 (6)
4. Brian - 36.60 (7)
5. Pat - 36.34 (3)
6. Rufus - 12.00 (7)

Please check my math...I will send the spreadsheet out later.

NFL Playoff Challenge - Thru Ravens/Pats

1. Bruce - 56.96
2. Matt - 32.88
3. Aaron - 31.10
4. Pat - 28.04
5. Brian - 17.70
6. Rufus - 12.00

NFL Playoff Challenge - Standings After Saturday's Games

2010 NFL Playoff Challenge
Bruce 37.00
Matt 32.88
Pat 25.88
Brian 17.70
Rufus 4.70
Aaron 3.20

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 NFL Playoff Challenge

The draft is complete!

ROUND ONE: A. Peterson (Rufus), R. Grant (Pat), R. Wayne (Branca), M. Barber (Bruce), R. Rice (Stack), P. Rivers (Kup)
ROUND TWO: J. Addai (Kup), A. Rodgers (Stack), D. Brees (Bruce), P. Manning (Branca), V. Jackson (Pat), R. Moss (Rufus)
ROUND THREE: L. Tomlinson (Rufus), D. Jackson (Pat), M. Austin (Branca), S. Rice (Bruce), M. Colston (Stack), L. Fitzgerald (Kup)
ROUND FOUR: D. Clark (Kup), A. Gates (Stack), C. Benson (Bruce), P. Thomas (Branca), B. Celek (Pat), P. Harvin (Rufus)
ROUND FIVE: Colts Defense (Rufus), T. Jones (Pat), D. Sproles (Branca), J. Edelman (Bruce), B. Westbrook (Stack), G. Jennings (Kup)
ROUND SIX: F. Jones (Kup), D. Driver (Stack), V. Shiancoe (Bruce), N. Kaeding (Branca), T. Brady (Pat), J. Witten (Rufus)
ROUND SEVEN: R. Longwell (Rufus), M. Stover (Pat), Saints Defense (Branca), S. Suisham (Bruce), Chargers Defense (Stack), Jets Defense (Kup)
ROUND EIGHT: G. Hartley (Kup), M. Crosby (Stack), Vikings Defense (Bruce), J. Finley (Branca), Packers Defense (Pat), B. Favre (Rufus)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honest to Blog? NBA Draft Time!

Clippers, let's go, make the #1 pick already.

Seriously, 3:50 for Blake Griffin?

Laughing that Scotty thinks Griffin may tear both ACLs on the way down from the podium.

I'm thinking Memphis trades this pick. If not, they will screw their team even more and take Thabeet - poor man's Shawn Bradley?

Scotty commentary - Blake Griffin resembles a half black Wally Walters. So true, so true.

***6:43 p.m. update***
Praying GH drops to the Bulls at #16 - sucks that he won't go lottery, but I love me some Bulls!

***6:46 p.m. update***
With the #1 pick in the 2010 NBA draft, the Memphis Grizzlies select...I can't believe you took Thabeet!

***6:48 p.m. update***
Please OKC, take Rubio!!! That backcourt would be sick!

***6:52 p.m. update***
You had your chance, Sam Presti. You effed it up.

***6:57 p.m. update***
I am stunned at the idiocy as to how Tyreke Evans just went - he dominated Mizzou, but how do you not take Rubio? I hate SAC-TOWN anyway, but still...

If Minny is smart at all, they take Rubio and Jordan Hill. Have to.

***7:04 p.m. update***
I'm not sure that he comes to play, but man, this kid is talented. I think he is going to be a stud. Great pick, Minny!

I hope Sacramento likes watching Rubio in the All-Star game from 2012-2022.

***7:10 p.m. update***
You had the ability to take Steph Curry. You took two PGs back-to-back. What the eff?!?!?!?

I retract the last statement if this pick will be traded.

***7:16 p.m. update***
First shocker of the draft - Steph Curry is a warrior! Interesting to see how he will be paired with Monta Ellis. Great pick, GS!

***7:22 update***
Unless Jordan Hill gets traded, this pick perplexes me.

***7:27 p.m. update***
DeMar DeRozan - interesting - thanks for getting Tim Floyd fired.

***7:33 p.m. update***
Wow, Brandon Jennings? Interesting pick. Interested to see him as a pro.

I am predicting Terrence Williams goes to NJ - he is a black Andy Pitts.

***7:45 p.m. update***
Bittersweet for GH - I hope he doesn't get ruined by the terrible Charlotte franchise. I was hoping he would fall to #16 at the Bulls. We will miss you, Gerald.