Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Weekend Fun

We were lucky to be graced with some visitors about 325 miles NE, the Theriaults from Chicago, who are staying with us this weekend to catch up with us and some of their other STL peeps. In addition, Krissy and Kenny have made the trip up from the Ozarks to take care of some biz and we will see them as well. Big doins for the TT-OU football game tonight...a mini-TSU baseball reunion at the Kupferle casa. Our heat is being suspect again, but I think I have semi-tricked the Comfortmaker heating/cool beast that resides in my basement. Major fingers crossed.

I am now off until December...crazy! Yet, my moronic self forgot to bring my passport to work yesterday, so I have to go in for a little bit on Monday in order to obtain my Chinese visa for my upcoming trek to the Great Well. Looking forward to some R&R with the pups...and resting my foot, which hurts because I lost my temper and kicked a chair. Terrible decision.


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