Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's the Freakin' Weekend Baby I'm About to Have Me Some Fun

In the words of the great Missy Elliott, 'Hold up, Hell naw, like Britney Spears I wear no drawls'.

So, that should kick-start all of you to greatness; well, most of you know about our amazing week, but let's quickly recap. Our heat went out last weekend, and as an update, it went out again today! But, they came out with zero charge to us and fixed it; luckily, the last guy was just an idiot and missed changing out the brand new filter that he had brought.

In addition, the clutch went out on the lil' truck; they had two options to fix: a cheap and a more expensive. To make a long story short, the cheap fix did not work and the more expensive alternative had to be investigated. ETA on getting the car back: Tuesday.

Low key last night...cleaned the house, hung out at home. Today, Steph went out and tried on some bridesmaid dresses for a wedding that she is in this spring and finalized her decision. We then headed over to my parents for dinner and my bro and his fam were there as well. We more or less planned this family outing as my mom is heading to the 'COUV for giving thanks with my sis and her dad is most likely not going as he has a trial the following week. I think it's the civil case for the Nicole Brown Simpson trial.

Supposed to be going out tonight for a birthday bash, but its' freakin' cold out and snowy/sleeting right now...was definitely leaning towards no before, but now leaning towards maybe going for a bit.

Have a good rest of your weekend! Go Lady Dogs in Canyon, TX, tomorrow!


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