Sunday, October 5, 2008

Front Landscaping Project and One Last Longer Run Before the Marathon

This is a picture of the house 2.5 years ago...Ugly trees and shrubs be gone! The next is the house after we had the wall put in, but before we had any landscaping. The last three are of our work today; in there you will see some rose bushes, some laropes, a sky pencil, a Japanese maple, some mums, and some bamboo.

So, we did some landscaping this week. As you may recall, we had a professional come in and put a landscaping bed for us, as this was way too big of a challenge for me and Steph. We finally got around to filling the bed this weekend. After a lot of hard work from Steph, and a little bit of help from Pat, we got it finished up this weekend. Take a look and tell us what you think! Do you think the house has changed a little in 2.5 years?!?

Got my last long run in before the marathon...8 miles today. Not terrible, but not fantastic, either. One or two more quick jogs before the big race a week from today! I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Talk to you soon!


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Krissy said...

Congrats on the new landscaping. It looks great. And I love liriope! I am thinking of moving our hostas and putting liriope in the front because of all the sun. Well done Kupferles!