Monday, October 27, 2008

22 days

22 days since my last post. I totally suck. Let's recap (quickly) what's happened in the last 22 days....

I ran a marathon; it was really long and hot, and I was slot and fat, but I finished. Much love to all who donated...I raised over $2k. Team CARE raised over $200k for the Alzheimer's foundation. That rocks, and you guys rock. I also realized I have great friends, some that drove all the way from Osage Beach, MO, and from the STL just to watch me run a silly race. You guys are awesome; thanks for the support, it really did help.

I went to Las Vegas; it was awesome. I am going back for my birthday; that will be awesome.

I went to Truman for recruiting; it was awesome. We found a lot of good candidates for internships.

My brother-in-law plays his last collegiate soccer game on Sunday...seems weird looking back on my career ending. I hope he enjoys the last 90 minutes.

I found out today my brother-in-law had a major health scare; turned out to be relatively minor, but an EKG and stress determined no heart attack. Still scary...if you are a prayer to the Big Guy upstairs, throw the Mertz's some love. They are in a crazy time right now and this does not help.


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