Friday, October 31, 2008

In the Words of Puffy, Vote or Die: 2008

Yea, I will always call him Puffy. I don't care if you call him P. Diddy, he is Puffy to me.

The, it really is here on Tuesday. I have spent a lot of time trying to make an edumacated decision on who to vote for in the 2008 election. By the way, good luck trying to teach me who to vote for on basically anything else, as I am clueless. I just found out that Jay Nixon was a DEM. Anyway, most people, including my father-in-law, would lead to assume that being from a middle class, white family, with a dad that's a lawyer, as well as working for a 'big business' type of Company, I would be a hard-core conservative right winger. Not fact, as sad as this is going to be to admit, this is my third Presidential election that I have been eligible to vote in, and the first time I will ever cast a vote. I do suck, I know. But, I am completely open-minded and am willing to consider all sources; I have friends that are hard-core DEMS, and I have friends that are hard-core 'PUBS, and I have made my decision, and here is what platforms I evaluated my voting decision on:
**Iraq War
**Fiscal Platform
**Social Platform
**VP Candidate
**Presidential Candidate

Settle in kids, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Ahh yes, it seems just like yester-year when my mom would take me to PRO-LIFE rallies and we would sit on the side of the road and wave signs and people would honk back. Oh, the right-wing conservative days. Here is what I do know; as a person who comes from a family of miscarriages, and as a husband that has gone through miscarriages, I am going to call BS on anyone that tells me that 6-week old fetus wasn't my child. I think the biggest problem I have with pro-choice group is arguing what 'life' constitutes. And I can tell you, from personal experience, it was a baby when we saw that word 'PREGNANT' or that double pink line let us know we were pregnant. Heck, it was a life even before that. So, arguing what 'life' is and that it is a woman's right because it isn't a life before the second trimester is crap. However, and this is where many family members may be shocked with me, I think God gives us free will to make decisions. If I want to attack someone with my block of kitchen knives, I can, but I am going to pay one heckuva price. Similarly, I do not support abortion at all as a correct choice; I think it's moral irresponsibility to willingly end a fetus because you weren't thinking clearly. When you accept the decision to have sex, you accept the consequences, too. Don't argue with me that a 14-year-old doesn't know that, which does fall on everyone as educators to teach kids about sex, a taboo subject in the great U S of A. Do I think there are exceptions? Absolutely, but I don't think an exception is irresponsibility. What I do believe is that God gives us free will, even if that free will leads to a horrible decision. And when we make those decisions, we will be held accountable for those decisions at a later point. So, while I think the choice itself is incorrect, it's not my body, it's not my temple, it's someone else's, and restricting that choice, in my mind, is wrong. That is why I am pro choice. POINT DEMS

***IRAQ WAR***
Let me be very clear: I think there are egregious errors that we have made along the way. I think some of the catastrophes of this war could have been avoided. I am not arguing for past regimes; what I am arguing for is a solid exit strategy. I don't agree that with McCain that we should be there forever; I don't agree with Obama's strategy of getting the hell out of there ASAP. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle, and I think we still have a lot to accomplish. With that being said, I am siding with Mr. McCain on this one. POINT PUBS

This is one that, because of my ties to the business world, is a landslide victory for the PUBS. I am not saying we need gigantic tax breaks for all big businesses, but Obama's thoughts around socialism make me sick. I busted my ass through five years of school, got an undergrad and Master's, and a CPA, without a whole lot of help from my parents. They helped when they could, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I am the only one of the four Kupferle siblings to have their own car, which occurred during my junior year of college and represented a 1995 baby blue Ford Taurus with 110k miles. Was it a car? Yes, and something none of my siblings had. The point being that I made myself who I am, and I had siblings and parents to keep me in check and tell me the value of an education. What I have worked so hard to attain does not make feel good when you are telling me I have to give some of that paycheck back to someone that hasn't worked just as hard. Yes, I know there are other examples, and I have made some generalizations, but this one isn't close. POINT PUBS

This one, I admit, is a big point for the DEMS. We are in a lot of trouble if we don't start focusing on the energy crisis. Does anyone else think that it's weird that it is Halloween today and almost 80 degrees? I do, and I don't think that is without rhyme or reason. We need to be subsidizing farmers for the ethanol campaign; and while I am not totally sold that ethanol is the cure, due to the large inefficiencies that are had when making ethanol based fuel (switchgrass and sugarcane might be better long-term options), we can't ignore this. I don't want my grandchildren wearing gas masks like the Chinese with a forecast of 'SMOG' everyday because of all of the pollutants. POINT DEMS

First off, Joe Biden is a freakin' moron. I know he has gone through a lot in life; shut up. That has nothing to do with him being a VP; his famous quote about watching FDR on TV is priceless. Spin it how you want, he is an idiot. But, there is something funky about Palin. Call me hoidy toidy, but I don't want a soccer mom as my VP, or, with McCain's old ass, my president. I want a freakin' rockstar as my president, and while I am there to support a woman if she has earned it, wasn't this just a ploy by the 'PUBS to capture some votes? This was really the best you could do? POINT DEMS

I like that McCain is a former POW; I like his military experience. Other than that, he is okay, a little old, and who knows if he would make it another term. Here is the thing: Barack scares the hell out of me. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Bradley theory. First of all, are you a Christian or a Muslim? Just pick one and be consistent. If you are a Christian, why did you belong to such a radical jerk that was so reverse-racist in nature? And secondly, why do you keep accidentally dropping Muslim bombs (pardon the pun) on us? And you know what, yea, it does scare me that he is Muslim. Call me whatever you want, but they freak the hell out of me. Now, not all Muslim's do, and I have worked with many Muslim's at work that were outstanding people and couldn't be nicer. Next, why can't you be more transparent with where your funds are coming from? Transparency is big to our Company, and if you are getting it from X, Y, and Z, just tell me who they are. All I want to know is how you raised $35.5 million in a month...when you keep backpeddling, it scares me. Lastly, with all the whack jobs in the US, what would happen if someone took out Barack? Would we have a racial/religious holocaust like never seen before? This isn't really a reason not to vote him in, but it does scare me and frightens me for our country. POINT PUBS

So, I think that's 3:3, but the deciding factor to me is the last one. I think Barack is an unbelievable speaker with a great presence and, I kind of want a political party change just to see how things would shake out differently. But there are so many question marks, and so many things that make Barack appear anti-American (not that he actually is, but appear), that I am voting for John McCain in the 2008 election.

All thoughts and comments are appreciated.



Deanna said...

Thank god for those with common sense and reason. Point for the "PUBS"- Dee

Scott said...

I'm voting for Nader.

Anonymous said...

Great choice...thank god u didn't drink the BO koolaid...good for you
It's scary to think about what could happen to
This country with BO as president I'm happy you took the time to research the issues and chose for yourself.
That's something to be proud of.

Take care! Love you guys!
Kristy f Bradley

Leslie McAlister said...

Wonderful!!! Simply wonderful!!

Krissy said...

I agree with you on Obama not being the right guy. I think he is a wonderful speaker, motivator and eventually could be a good president. But I think he lacks the experience we need in a President. There is no doubt that McCain is qualified to be President. Everyone may not agree with him and his platforms, but he is in fact qualified.

I think a lot of people already know my view on the tax issue. With that said, I am 100% against Obama's plan to increase taxes on a certain bracket. That 2% already pays nearly 50% of the taxes.

I don't think anyone should try to change anyone else's mind. But everyone needs to go out and vote!