Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Landscaping Project and a Little Running

Some of you may know that we created two landscaping beds in the backyard; we just bought some basic pavers from Lowe's to create the beds, digging out the grass and burying the pavers

to create an edge. We did this about a month ago and got around to buying/planting Friday and Saturday, in anticipation of buying/planting our landscaping wall that we had professionally installed in the front off of the front porch.

Well, here are some photos of our work; nothing too crazy...but we were impressed with ourselves.

Got a 10-miler in today...knee was in bad shape (partially could have been due to all of the landscaping and cutting/string trimming the lawn) excited to be done with running for a while in the future. It was hotter than heck outside and I cramped a little when I was done..I should have taken more water while I ran. Two weeks to go...


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