Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Random Tuesday Blogging

So, what is new...

We have decided to insulate and drywall the remainder of our garage. It is looking good...thanks to Pat S., Dr. Beth, Steph, and Jon. It is going to look about, oh, 1000% better than it previously did.

We have a double wedding this weekend...one on Friday, one on Saturday. I don't know the people on Fri (teacher friends of Steph), but I am sure both will be fun.

We are going next weekend to the CHI, and TOTALLY looking forward to it. Love me some quality time with the Theriaults, pretty much two of the sweetest people ever. I am sure we will theapeutically do some damage at IKEA.

Going to see my sister and her wonderful fam the following weekend in Vancouver for 6 days...totally excited!!! I have been to Canada kind of on our honeymoon...we were in Victoria for like 3 hours. This promises to be much better.

My oldest sister Shelly is on Facebook. If you know her, be her friend! She is awesome!

Talk to you soon...oh, and marathon training continues...


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