Sunday, June 29, 2008

It Feels Like Sunday Mornin'...

Yo yizzle...

Not a whole lot going on in our lives besides some home improvements. We had a new roof put on this week, finalized on Thursday. We also had some trees (magnolia, evergreen), taken down in the yard. The guy did a good job (mad props to Double B) and was very reasonable, so if you are looking for something like that in the future, holler back. We also had a french drain put in on the side of our house where the sump pump empties due to the proliferation of water that has been coming out there. All signs are looking positive so far in that area.

So...after spending a big chunk of savings, we have a few more projects for the house outside. First, we need to landscape our newly self-installed flower beds in the back. Secondly, we are going to have a brick mailbox installed with some planters on both sides. Lastly, we have a retaining wall that is going to be put in just off of the patio in the front. I think we can take a big deep breath after that for a little while :)

Not much else is going on...marathon training is going well. Through three weeks, I have hit 11/12 runs, so I am happy for that, and the run I missed was a short 3-miler while we were on vacation in NYC/Boston. This week, the weekend mileage starts to ramp up significantly...does anyone have fun plans for the 4th in the STL? We have none, so we are open to all ideas and suggestions!

Keep the folks nearing rising floodwaters in your thoughts and prayers...the pic at the top is from Cedar Rapids, IA, where one of our audit teams was.


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Krissy said...

You can still come to the lake for the 4th. We would LOVE to have you. The 21st celebration should be mild and limited to the 4th itself. Holla back ;)