Saturday, July 12, 2008


So, I got all jazzed up to go running this morning and put in my 10 miles when I realized...I have no car keys! We dropped of the Murano at our local Independent Tire Dealer yesterday to get some new tires on the Murano (btw, why do tires cost over $800 to replace on your car?) and in a frantic dash to make a Friday night wedding @ 5 p.m., Steph either picked up the keys and kept them, or they are still at our local ITD.

So, while I wasn't too jazzed about a ten-miler in the first place, I need to get it in to get my training going. And, we have another wedding to attend to today, so if I don't hear back from the lovely wifey within about 15 minutes or so, my window to go running is outta here. Looks like I will have to get that in tomorrow.

Other than that, not much is new...very excited for our next two weekends, including my first foray into Canada.

Happy Birthday to Luke and Noah!


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