Monday, May 5, 2008


Anyone that has ever been to this city before knows exactly what I am talking about; it is one of the craziest cities I have ever been to. When I got back from this weekend, the first question immediately posed was: Which city is crazier/weirder, Bangkok or Amsterdam?

Bangkok is different because it is purely about the demoralization of young females, and doing some disgusting things with these women. Amsterdam is different in my mind because it is a European city with a more lax attitude towards a variety of subjects...when you realize after about 2 hours into visiting Amsterdam that the smell of fresh, clean, pot smoke-less air is a rarity, then you know what I am talking about or referring to. The Red Light District was exactly as advertised; the best part was seeing men walk out and throwing on some sunglasses (because that immediately camoflauges your face and I don't know who you are) or one young 'dancer' jumping out from her window-shopping spot and attach a girl and almost throw her into a nearby canal for taking pictures of her. Oh, how strippers have their moral code.
Amsterdam was great to visit, and my lack of pictures should make sense; most of what was seen in that city should not be recorded and produced later for future viewing. However, I was actually glad to visit, and the Vincent Van Gogh Museum was pretty awesome. No pics allowed inside, but sweet. Some of his major works are currently at the Met in NYC (Starry Night, for example), but it was still cool to learn a little bit about Van Gogh. Just like a lot of artists, he was friggin' crazy.


Krissy said...

I'm jealous that you get to go to all these fun places!

Scott said...

I can't wait to hear some of your stories. Did you get any massages like the one you got in India?