Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Feria de Nimes

So, I think I have failed to mention Feria de Nimes properly. Feria de Nimes is the annual bullfighting competition that occurs yearly here (it coincides every year with the Pentecost). They actually ahve a second festival later in the year that coincides with the grape mashing festival, but this one is much bigger. Approximately 1,000,000 people will be making their way to Nimes over the next few days for some famous bullfighters that are coming to town.
Yesterday, the Europe-Africa site lead came to Nimes to meet with us and discuss the progress of the audit. He actually lived in Nimes for several years, and took us out to dinner last night. On the way to dinner, we stopped by the ancient Roman Coliseum (over 2,000 years old!), which is still preserved, in tact, and used for the Feria de Nimes and some other concerts and stuff when people come to town. Lucky for us, it was open to the public and we got to walk around on the ground floor of the Coliseum and take it all in. It was pretty cool.
Other than that, not much new. The photo is from the birthday celebration for one of our IT auditors in Amsterdam on Saturday night.

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