Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Skanksgiving

I love that saying...coined by one of the Sports Radio talk show hosts in St. Louis, it is meant to emulate the young ladies from college returning and dressing as inappropriately as possible the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Last night, we had some people over to watch the Duke-Marquette game in the championship of the Maui Classic [a Dukie dub to claim the title]. Duke is going to be really good, and it is pretty awesome that Coach K has taken a page out of the Phoenix Suns book and changed their offensive sets. They are going to be good this year...much better than last year. We then went out to McGurk's and Skanksgiving was in full force. We also felt really old, as everyone looked approximately 18-19 with some great IDs. Kids these days...

Anyways, a few news and notes to catch everyone up on...

Apparently, the post cards I sent to all of my nieces and nephews never reached their destination from Mexico City. My apologies...damn Mexicans. Anyways, I will try better in Hawaii.

On a better note, I received a check in the mail from American Airlines for $298 for my i-Pod. That was pretty unexpected and a big plus. We have also taken a new member of the family [perhaps temporarily, but I don't see it happening]. To make a short story long, Steph's dad, as usual, tried to play hero and get Steph's grandma a new dog because she had to put her dog down a few months ago. Steph's grandma, being a standard older woman, is set in her ways and got upset when the dog pottied in the house [who would think that the dog wouldn't go on command when you tell her in 30 secs outside...even if Onyx does]. Anyways, so we took the dog after she called our house crying, in an attempt just to potty train her, but Steph is getting attached and we had been discussing getting Onyx a playmate. I like her, too; she is a good dog, and she knows commands and has not yet messed in the house.

On a side note, we think Goldie [new dog] has a tapeworm. But, luckily, it is not like the human tapeworm, and it can only happen by ingesting fleas. It also cannot be passed from dog to dog contagiously, like the human tapeworm can. So, a trip to the vet on Thanksgiving AM, followed by a quick shot, and she should be good to go in 24 hours.

Not much else going on...Cepicky family Thanksgiving today, followed by Black Friday shopping in the AM and Kupferle Thanksgiving tomorrow. We are then headed to KC for Armageddon [MU-KU game where we don't have tix] for a fun day and seeing the TSU softball girls.

Have a great, safe Thanksgiving.

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