Friday, January 2, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

238 days ago, I touched down in St. Louis with a big grin on my face, knowing that I wouldn't have to travel until January 2009. Wow, it's now January 2009. I am leaving in less than one hour for the airport to fly to Australia and New Zealand for an audit. It's weird...I am very sad to be leaving again, and it's almost like it's harder now than every before because I have become accustomed to working in St. Louis and coming home. Granted, the trips now are much better than they ever were at P-DUB, but it's still hard knowing I am not going to be home for 23 days.

I am excited about this trip as in about a day, I will be in warm, sunny weather in Australia. We will be in Melbourne for the first week of the audit, Auckland, New Zealand for the second week of the audit, and back to Melbourne to wrap things up. Five of us (Greg, Chad, Vanessa, Bridgette, and myself) are traveling to China post-audit to see Beijing and the Forbidden City, Tianamen's Square, and the Great Wall.

It seems like I was just recalling getting on vacation/holiday for Christmas, and now it's time to leave. I am excited to say that I most likely have only two trips left in this role with the Company, and then I won't have to leave my wife and the pups behind. I am extremely fortunate to have an amazing job with a great team/management, but it's hard leaving.

Please check the blog often for updates and photos. Much love to all...


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