Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sydney Photos are Up, and Wrapping Week 1

Got my photos up...finally...sorry to both people who look at my pictures.

Went to the SuanLum Night Bazaar last nite; that was overwhelming. Tons of stuff to buy...from shoes to clothes to watches to luggage to necklaces to everything else, it was amazing. Got some ideas, sent them to Steph and some friends and will be going back to make some purchases.
We are headed to Pat Pong street tonight for some shopping and dinner with some of the site management; should be a good time!
I was able to get another run in this AM; trying to just maintain the training I have built up for the STL Half Marathon over the last few months...hopefully I won't throw it all away.
Going to Hong Kong tomorrow, for some more incredible shopping. And, for Easter; a shout out to KB and Adam Timock for getting married this weekend in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Should be a fun time and I wish I was there.
Much love for ya...

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