Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I suck

Yes, I know that people are upset due to the lack of updates to my blog. Well, as originally noted, this was going to be used to update things in my life...since there has not been a ton going on lately, a lack of blogging. Here goes nothing....

Went back to Kirksville for the baseball alumni weekend. While the numbers were somewhat low, we still had a decent turnout and the team played its best game in three years, losing 8-5. It was a lot of fun, and for those that did make it back, I do appreciate it.

Returned back to Kirksville for some recruiting at the Career Expo a few days later. It was good, and we were overwhelmed with people. We sent two people from the Finance side from Monsanto, and saw about 100 kids. It was good. Saw Mike Cannon, got to hang out...it was a very good, but quick, trip.

So, I leave for Mexico on Sunday afternoon. I leave around 1:30 p.m. for Mexico City. Apparently, we are only allowed to take cabs arranged by the hotel, and we can never take cabs in VW Bugs, which is weird I know, but apparently cab violence is pretty prevalent. So, I am looking forward to a trip to Cancun in weekend one for some beach fun and the Chichen Itza, and the second weekend staying in Mexico City and seeing some of the Mayan ruins.

Please keep the Walters family in your prayers, as Wally's mom lost her battle with cancer early Thursday AM. While I did not know her particularly well and only met her once, her toughness and positive attitude throughout her battle should be an inspiration to everyone. Our thoughts, prayers, and sympathies go to Wally's family.

Pics and blogging should return with its normal ferocity starting next week.

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