Sunday, October 21, 2007

Goodbye, nasty bathroom; hello, Mexico

As you can see from our pic of our master bathroom, while it has looked a lot worse, it is about to look a lot better. We are having our master bath gutted and re-done starting tomorrow, and when I come back from Mexico, I will have a brand new bathroom! We are having a ceramic tile shower installed, new floors, new fixtures, new drywall, DUROCK wall, new shower door, the works installed. We are also having the floor in the other bathroom re-done. We are very excited. Although I will miss the streaks of white paint I graffitied onto our fiberglass shower wall from when we were painting.

Leaving for the airport in about an hour. I will not have my personal cell on me, but will have an international cell. The best way to get a hold of me is e-mail.

A shout-out to Mike Cannon and the ladies soccer team for two huge wins this week, and hopefully by the end of next weekend, re-establishing their dominance as Women's Soccer champs in the MIAA after a brief one-year hiatus. Not bad for a team picked to finish 5th in the conference. IDIOTS.

Much love for ya...if you want some Tequila from MEX, holla at yo boy.

Matty Bear

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Krissy said...

You should have called me, I could have gotten you a great deal on tile (ie: cost + 10%) And I know a great tile installer who worked on our Larkwood house. I can't wait to see it when it's finished though! Good for you guys!