Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's Czech word of the day...Ja'qui [thanks!]

That is a picture of the newest member to the Kupferle can, Noah Bruce Thurmond. Congrats to Jill and Bruce!

Went to the Gregory Mendel museum today, as he was the abbot of the Augustinian St. Thomas abbotory over here. Some know him for being the father of modern genetics and making high-school biology a lot harder.

Had dinner last night at a place called Rodeo Drive in the city center; it was an American place with comical things such as a drink mis-typed as the 'Boston THE Party' instead of the 'Boston TEA Party'. On the way home from the Mendel museum, we stopped by the office administrative assistant's apartment and let her English cockerspaniel out. It was good to play with a dog.

By the way, if I ever win the lottery, I am really going to open an Animal Shelter for dogs in India. Made me remember how many strays there were in that city. Unreal.

Steph's procedure is today; please wish her a speedy recovery!

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Kenny said...

I wish I could be a part of the Kupferle can.