Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Covered in Paint

So, I'm sitting here covered in paint; which is actually a good thing, because our garage project is finished! I am going to be glad to returning to parking our cars in the garage. I will try and post some pics soon...some of you know what it looked like previously, but big shouts out to Pat S., Beth W., and Jon P., in addition to my lovely wife, for all of their hard work in insulating, dry-walling, adding a wall, crown molding, and painting the garage. It looks great.

We made our annual lake trip a while back, which I forgot to post about it. It was a lot of fun; the only down side was the weather, which was very cloudy with rain in the forecast. However, on the flip, we did get to take a trip in the boat to see a bunch of cool luxury homes and some work Krissy was doing. I had no idea about some of these homes at the Lake, but it was insane.

Still going strong on marathon training...tomorrow marks 5 weeks to the day that the Chicago Marathon kicks off. I have an 18-miler tomorrow, which is my second longest run before the marathon. We will be heading up to Chicago in a few weeks for Cards-Cubs and the Nike Ready to Run 20 miler, which is the culmination of my 18 weeks of marathon training. Kind of crazy that the marathon is almost here...if interested in donating to my cause, let me know.

My sisters both came to town before/during Labor Day, which was great. Shelly, her husband, and their four kids stayed with us while Jill, Luke and Noah were in town and stayed at my mom and dad's as well. It was great to see everyone, especially since we had just seen both pretty recently!

Oh yeah, and we are going to Vegas soon...totally excited!


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