Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Wackiness...

It's close to noon on Sunday, and we had a great weekend. A quick re-cap...

Scotty and Sarah Theriault graced us with their presence on Friday; they made a quick weekend trip in from Chicago to come and hang out and catch up not only with us, but also with some other friends in the STL area. We had a barbeque that was somewhat deterred by the rain, but the festivities merely continued more indoors. There were probably 15 kats or so and it was great to see some old faces as well, including an appearance by newfound hippie Dan Hillen. Props to Dan for going to the Marshall Islands (close to Micronesia and New Zealand) in July to teach English.

Saturday, we attended the wedding of my former high school baseball teammate and college roommate Rob Jacoby and his now-wife, Beth. Beth looked absolutely beautiful and it was a fun time. The wedding reception was at Two Hearts where we had our reception, which was neat to go back to somewhere we had not been in 2+ years. It was a good time to catch up with some old friends.

While we were at the wedding, Scotty and the Nastiest of the Nasty went to the DMB concert, which according to all accounts, including our newest friend from Lumiere Place, Debit, said rocked. They played actually at the new Busch Stadium in centerfield and had a great show and good turn out.

After that, I met Scotty and Nasty at said casino where we played some games of chance for a few hours. Meeting an elderly gentleman of a different persuasion, our friend Debit (nicknamed Debit because he confided to the table at least 100 times that he lost his Debit card), an older dude named Jim who made and lost $800 in about 45 minutes, an extremely tan gentleman who complained about losing $20 in 8 seconds (whom I think I attended high school with) and vowed his revenge on the table later, it was a lot of fun. A few hours later, we rolled home for some much needed sleep.

Scotty had to bounce early to meet his lovely wife and friends for some breakfast and the jaunt back to the CHI. It was a lot of fun and we hope to reciprocate with a trip to Chicago very soon.


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