Friday, April 11, 2008

The STL Half, A Bout of CrazyTown, and K-Vegas

Well, it's been 5 days since the STL Half Marathon. It was a challenging yet great experience; I was fortunate that some friends were running the race (Kenny, Nasty Nate, Beth, and Mike), and the first three and myself ran together for the beginning half of the race. Then, they zoomed past, and I kept chuggin...

The race went well; I ran a 2:15.19. Yes, slow by any standards, but I was happy and almost achieved both of my goals, which were to not walk (check), and a 2:15.00. Oh well...congrats to Nasty (1.57), Beth (1.57) and Kenny (2.02) for some great times. Also special thanks to Micaela and Krissy, whom I saw several times on the course and they cheered me when I needed it, and my parents, Lauren and Steph for also making it down to the race. It always helps to see some people when you are tired...the race had perfect weather and I am really glad I ran to follow soon.

I then decided to be insane; I signed up for the Chicago Marathon. Yea, the full thing. We will see...I am running for Team CARE (Conquering Alzheimer's Running Endeavor) as part of the Chicago chapter of the American Alzheimer's Association. Don't worry, you will all receive a lovely link from me with the opportunity to donate if you see it fit (but please do not feel obligated to do so). I ran 5 miles last night and felt okay...not great but not terrible. So, on to October 12th and some more runnin!

Going up to Kirksville this weekend for soccer alumni weekend. We shall see the insanity that ensues. Looking forward to a fun weekend.


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Krissy said...

Congrats again for finishing the half! And good luck on the full - Will and Kat are also running so maybe Kenny and I can come up and cheer you all on! I will check the calendar to see if we're available!