Monday, January 7, 2008

Hawai'i Recap -- Settle in for a Long One

Aloha and Mahalo!

Steph and I arrived back safely from the Islands today, and man was it a great vacation. We spent roughly the first 3 days in Maui with Scott and Sarah [28th - afternoon of the 31st], and then spend the rest of NYE to the 3rd with Scott and Sarah before they headed back to Maui for some family time. We stayed on Waikiki Beach until the 6th, flying to LAX last night very late and taking the first flight out this AM. It was a great trip! A quick recap...
We arrived in to the airport and were picked up by Scott and Sarah in our sweet Dodge Magnum. Not too much action on the first night as it had been a long day for all. We got up on the 29th and saw a little bit of everything...played in the ocean and hot tub, took some naps, made it in to Lahaina for a great dinner at Longhi's and some Banyan tree fun, all-in-all a great day.

We got up very early the next morning and did the famed ride down Haleakala Volcano. We got picked up from our hotel at 3:30 a.m., which was very early, but well worth it. What felt like a roller-coaster ride up the mountain/volcano took us there around 5:45 a.m., where we then waited outside in the freezing cold and wind. It was about 30 degrees at the top, but well worth it. We then rode the 24-miles down the volcano/mountain, which I think I pedaled a total of 7 times. It was awesome and definitely worth the early start to the day.

We then took a quick trip on Hawaiian Airlines over to Oahu/Waikiki Beach, all 28-minutes of the flight. We arrived into our digs [thanks again Uncle P-Dub, for sending me to Joplin all the time], and settled in at the hotel. We spent NYE playing our new favorite card game, spit [muchos gracias, Sarah], and had some champagne and other beverages to ring in 2008].

On the 1st, we made a visit to the Dole Plantation and saw how they grow pineapples. Pretty interesting. We each enjoyed some pineapple-esque delicacies.

On the 2nd, Scott and I attempted to play golf, but the rain did not allow it to happen. We made due, anyway; we got up early the next day and made a visit to Pearl Harbor, which was amazing and really eye-opening. After our quick trip, it was time to return Scott and Sarah to the airport...

For our remaining days, Steph and I visited the Honolulu Zoo, climbed to the top of Diamond Head Crater, and walked the beach. It was a very relaxing vacation and well worth it!

I am leaving tomorrow for Italy, so I will resume my blogging ferocity soon enough...


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Scott said...

Damn, Miroki, looks like you guys had fun after we left you...three lines worth of fun.