Monday, July 2, 2007

Da Weekend

Hope everyone had a good weekend last weekend. Mine was great...went out three nights in a row counting my Monsanto happy hour on Thursday. Anyone that has a Houlihan's nearby should highly consider happy hours there. Half price drinks and $5 appetizers make for a lot of fun. Had a gather on Thursday night with some work friends.

Friday, softball got rained out, which stunk. However, it did give me an opportunity to go see Ocean's Thirteen [rating: three out of four stars], and then I went over to my friend Brian's new house for some drinks with Pat Hardin. Here is a picture of two of those three clowns from Vegas.

Saturday, got up early and did some stuff around the house. Went to my nephew's baseball game with the 'rents and then met my bro and his fam and my 'rents for lunch. Went home and took a nap, followed by an impromptu gathering over at our house for some drinks. Left for McGurk's at 11, which was an awesome time given the weather and the glorious outdoor set-up. Mad props for seeing Lisa and Drew at McGurk's from P-DUB, along with the usual cast of characters from TSU.

Sunday, got up and played some golf with my bro-in-law, father-in-law, and Jon Peeples, Lauren's man, who was in-town for her lovely 23rd birthday on the 1st. Had an indoor soccer game followed by some family grub at the Cepickys. Ended the night with a solid Entourage, which quite honestly, had been disappointing. Hoping it kicks it up a few levels while I am gone to Europe.

Headed to the Cards game tomorrow night with Patty and hoping for some entertainment. Hopefully we can score some fireworks, some fun, and make bad decisions.


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Scott said...

You're better at finding drink specials than anybody in our age group.